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Vocational Training

A vocational training programme is a combination of theory and practice. You spend 1-2 days in a
week at vocational school to acquire theoretical knowledge needed in your future occupation and 3-4
days in a week you spend at a company and work there to apply your knowledge in practice. When
you are at the work place you get a chance to know how your company operates. Apart from this you
get a monthly salary and also some other benefits. Free accommodation, food etc. are also offered by
many employers. At the completion of your training you have the required technical knowledge for
your occupation as well as prior job experience and that is the reason why companies offer plenty of
jobs to the professional who have completed a vocational training. These dual vocational programs
are so popular in Germany that two third of all students leaving school prefer to go for a vocational

Admission Procedure

Students are required to send us all Academic Certificates, Grade sheets, Experience Certificates and
CV in clear Scanned PDF format for profile evaluation. Students will be advised post evaluation of the
profile if they are eligible to apply for this Program in Germany or not. After getting confirmation,

they need to submit hard copies of all required documents and pay the 1st installment of the package.

After the registration the candidates must start their German language

training online or offline at सहयोग परिवार.

German language training from A1 to B1 level will be free and will last  5-6 months.

Eligibility / Basic Requirements:

  • School Certificates (10th and 12th),
  • Diplomas or / and Degrees with min 45% marks
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Valid Passport
  • German Language Certificate – B1/B2 Level
  • Age: 18 – 30 Years
  • School-leaving and other recognized certificates. Those, who have achieved higher level of qualification after 12th, can also apply

Duration of the Program

These training programs last 2 to 3.5 years. Most of them last 3 years.

Medium of Study

The medium of instruction in the vocational training school is German. Candidates are supposed to
speak German at the work place too. To be able to get into a vocational training, one needs to learn
German and must have at least B1 level certification from Goethe Institut.

Processing Time

It takes Approx. 60-90 days after completion of German Language B1/B2 Level.

Services Covered

  • Profile Evaluation
  • Airport Pickup and Transfer
  • German Language training (A1, A2 & B1)
  • Health Insurance in Germany
  • Document Collection & Translation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vocational Training Application
  • Goethe Exam Preparation
  • Arrangement of Admission Letter & Offer Letter
  • Visa Fee at the German Embassy
  • Food and Accommodation in Germany
  • German cultural training
  • Visa Documentation and Application
  •  Study material for German

Services to be Charged Extra

  • German Language B2 Level for Nursing Candidates Approx. Rs. 45,000/- (Euro 500)
  • Goethe German Language Exam Fee Approx. Rs. 13000/- (Euro 160)
  • Police Clearance Certificate and Student’s Medical check-ups, if required
    Air Ticket to Germany, if the employer doesn’t provide it free Approx. Rs. 35000/- (Euro 415)

Salary during the Training period:

  • For the 1st year Euro 500 – 800 per month.
  • 2nd year Euro 600 – 900 per month.
  • For the 3rd year Euro 700 – 1000 per month.

Currently Available Programs and Minimum Language Level Required:

  • Hotel Expert -(B1 Level)
  • Nursing -(B2 Level)
  • Cook/ Chef-(B1 Level)
  • Warehouse Logistic Specialist (B1 Level)
  • Bakery (Chef) -(B1 Level)
  • Computer / IT Services -(B1 Level)
  • F&B Service -(B1 Level)
  • Mechanical Engineering -(B1 Level)
  • Front Office-(B1 Level)
  • Electrical Engineering -(B1 Level)
  • Animal Husbandry -(B1 Level)
  • Farming / Gardening -(B1 Level)
  • Commercial Driver (B1 Level)
  • Farming / Gardening -(B1 Level)
  • Spa and Wellness Specialist- (B1 Level)
  • Mechatronics Technician – (B1 Level)
  • Food Technologist (B1 Level)
  • Housekeeping (B1 Level)GST 18% will be charged extra when applicable.
  • No Extra/ Hidden cost !

Nationalities Acceptable:

  • Indian, Nepali and Sri Lankan for all the Programs.
  • African Nationals only for Cook / Chef Program

Nationalities Acceptable:

  • Indian, Nepali and Sri Lankan for all the Programs.
  • African Nationals only for Cook / Chef Program

FAQs about Vocational Training (Ausbildung)

What is a “Vocational Training”?
Vocational Training program is the combination of classroom study in specialized trade
schools and on the job work experience. The apprentices spend 60-70 percent of their
time for their occupation of choice at the workplace under the supervision of a certified
trainer and 30-40 percentage time in their classroom. You get a monthly salary for the work you do at the work place.

What is the eligibility criteria?
A candidate should be 10+2 passed from any stream and must have a valid Passport, should be below 30 years of age at the time of application and must have the German
certificate of B1 level. For Nursing, B2 level is mandatory. \

Where can we learn German?
One can learn German from any Institute in India or abroad but should have a B1/B2
certificate from Goethe (Not older than 11 months). We, at सहयोग परिवार, also teach
German up to B2 Level. The candidates registered with us for Vocational Training get
complimentary German classes up to B1 level i.e. absolutely free.

What is the process Flow?

A 12th passed candidate must enroll him/ herself with us for Vocational Training in Germany for their occupation of choice and start the German Classes. Once B1 course is completed, the candidate must write B1 exam at Goethe Institute and get the B1 passing certificate. From the date of providing B1 certificate, we need 45 days to 90 days to process the profile and get the Visa.

Is it easy to learn German language?
Since the entire vocational training will be in German, one must learn German. A person with some or little knowledge of English Language can learn German if the person has interest and puts his/her best efforts.

Do I need to pass any examination for language?
Yes, a candidate must possess B1 Goethe certification to prove proficiency of German language in order to get into a vocational training.

How much time it takes to learn German up to B1 level?
Standard time to learn from A1 to B1 is 5-6 months. Student needs to spend at least 4-5 hours a day to get good command over German.

Can someone study in German university simultaneously with dual education/Vocational Training?
During the vocational training, one cannot study in the university in Germany.

What are some occupations one can choose?
There are 325 officially recognized training programs. We, at सहयोग परिवार, are offering currently the following programs:
Office Management Assistant, Restaurant Expert, Hotel Expert, Cook, Housekeeping, Nursing, Food Technologist, Warehouse Logistic Specialist, Mechatronics Technician, Commercial/ Professional drivers, Electrician, Spa & Wellness Specialist, Animal
Husbandry Workers and Gardner etc.

 Which subject must be in class 12th to be eligible for this program?
A 12th passed candidate from any stream can enroll in any of the vocational training. There are some occupations, which require some additional knowledge too. For example, to attend the Spa & Wellness program, one needs to have basic or a little knowledge of Ayurveda.

How much money do I have to pay in Germany?
Candidates get free accommodation and food along with their monthly salary from the employer.

Do we need to open a blocked account for this program?

Not at all. Since your accommodation and food expenses will be sponsored by the employer, you don’t need to show any funds in your account. No blocked account is

Can I change my category in between the program?
No, one is not allowed to change the occupation during the training. If one wants to get trained on some other occupation, one needs to start the application process afresh.

Which city I would be going to?
It depends on the vacancies at the time you have the required German language certificate. Location will be decided only after the completion of required German language certification.

Can I visit my home country in between this program?
Yes, you will have minimum 20-22 paid leaves in a year. You can apply for the leaves as per the company norms. As per the approval from the employer, you can plan your holidays.

Can I do job in India after this program?
Yes. After the successful completion of the course, one gets the certificate which is valid worldwide. It all depends on the candidate whether to stay and work in Germany or come back to native country and work in same occupation.

What will be salary after this program?
It depends on the occupation and employer but salary after vocational training ranges between 2200-3500 Euro. One can also get more than this based on his/her experience
and skills.

Can I get PR after this program and what is the procedure to get PR?
Yes, if you follow the rules and fulfil all the requirements as per the country’s law, you can get PR.

Can I go for vocational training if I am not an Indian?
Yes, apart from India, we are providing vocational training courses for natives of Nepal & Sri Lanka. Also, if you are from any of African countries, we can assist you to get a vocational training slot in Cook occupation.

What if I fail in language examination?
You can prepare and give your exam again. We will process your profile when you have cleared/ passed at least B1 level of German in all FOUR modules.

Is there any exam during or after the Vocational training?
Yes. There will be general evaluation tests and the final exam to obtain a certification.

Can I get spouse visa along with vocational training?
No. Upon completion of the vocational training, you need to work for another 6 months to be eligible for applying a spouse visa.

What is monthly average expenditure per person?
Average monthly expenditure is 851 Euro according to German government, but one can easily accommodate oneself in 400-600 Euro per month.

Can one, who is already a graduate, enroll for this program?
Yes, even a graduate can enroll for this program. To apply for this program, students need 12th School Leaving Certificate.

 Is it a must to work with same employer after the training?
It’s not a must. One can look for better opportunities elsewhere after the training but trend is that the candidates prefer to work for the same employer if they are satisfied with each other.

Should one know English to learn German?
It is preferable to have very basic knowledge of English in order to learn German.

Can one easily get the job after vocation training?
Once you are well prepared to enter the job market, the same employers which provide you the training are more willing to hire you when you complete the training.

Where can one work after completing vocational training?
Students can, after completing the training, work anywhere in the world. Based on the trade and language skills of the students, the countries like Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, Finland and Germany prefer giving employment to these candidates.

Can I do further study after this program?
Yes, after the vocational training, one needs to work in the same occupation for 1 year. Then only one is eligible to do further studies or masters.

When can I register for this programme? Can I register during my 12th or Bachelors?
Since German language is mandatory for vocational training, you can register yourself during your studies and start participating in our German language training online or offline as per your convenience. At the time you complete your 12th or bachelors, you will have B1 level completed. It will save 6-7 months time and your profile and Visa can be processed right after your exam results. We should also keep this fact in mind that there are limited number of vacancies in a particular occupation, these slots are offered on first come first serve basis, which means being early will definitely give you better chance to get your desired occupation.

Do I get some discount when I already have B1 or B2 certificate?
It all depends on the time you want to register. If there are some urgent vacancies, and your certificate is not older than 2-3 months, there can be some extra benefits for you.

What is the validity of my Goethe Certificate?

Your B1 certificate should not be more than 6-7 months old. It is advised to start the process right after you pass your Goethe exam. In case of any doubts, our team will check and let you know exactly, whether your language certification will be accepted or not. If your certification is not accepted, you must give your language exam again.